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People often believe that to improve your surfing all you have to do is surf. A lot. While this rings many elements of truth, what many people fail to remember is that if you want to keep surfing more and more to improve your performance, you need to have the proper sustained energy to do so. If you push your body beyond its lim...

Surfing in the cold is hard work. Not only does cold water surfing bring physical challenges, but is also strains us mentally. It can be really difficult to motivate yourself to jump into freezing waters, but as we all know, the feeling after a surf is always worth it. These tips aim to make surfing in the cold far less daunting...



Just like a car runs on gas, your body needs fuel to get you from a to b. Would you pour coke into your car before a drive down the coast? No. You would want to fill it with high quality, efficient fuel. Same goes for your ultimate movement vessel, your body.


Carbohydrates are particularly important for athletes as they supply...

Once you get to the bottom of the wave, bend at the knees and waist

The trick here is to get low. Here we see that the surfers chest is actually lower than her butt. This creates a kind of spring movement, the lower you get the more power you will have to drive off.


Leading arm

Reach out and touch the surface of the wave. This all...

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