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Surfing with friends is undoubtedly more enjoyable than surfing on your own. It is special to be able to share such moments with those close to you. In years to come, you can recall on “that time” when you scored perfect wave after wave. However not only does surfing with a friend provide you with pleasant memories, but surfing...

For some the season of winter simply means larger swells and adding a one mill vest over that bikini of yours. For others like me, it means hoods, 4/3 booties, gloves and sickly ice-cream headaches. Keeping motivated to not only surf, but to make improvements through winter can be really tough, but with the correct advice and mi...

Surfing is not just a “simple” skill to master. Surfing requires fine tuning physical movements, gaining and utilising ocean knowledge, being in the right mindset… the list goes on. If you find that you are not improving with your surfing, it can be hard to pin point exactly what it is you are doing wrong. Below are 6 common rea...

When thinking about surfing, it is easy to think of training those larger muscles groups. The shoulders, the legs, the back. But it is important not to forget about those muscles that work really hard behind the scenes. These muscles are called stabilizers.Think of your body as having two types of muscle.


One type, is the type t...

Surfing small waves is really hard work. Often the crowd level will be low as people take one look and declare it “piddly.” Fortunately for us, it provides the perfect opportunity to practice your manoeuvres, and get your wave count up. Here are some top tips to surf your best in small, dribbley waves.

Photo: Roxy

Paddle into the...


Have you ever had a surf where everything just seems to come together? Where things seem more effortless, more fluid, the dots just seem to connect. This is what I am going to refer to today as being in the “zone” – a place in which boundaries are pushed and progress is made. However quite often being in the “zone” doesn’t just...

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