3 Essentials for a Technique Tune Up

Surfing well is hard work. If it wasn’t, everyone would be good at it. But they are not. These little tips are critical for technique improvement, but remember…do not try and perfect all of these in the space of one session.

Photo: Roxy

Surf from your back foot

Now, I’m not talking lean way back and haul the brakes on. It is essential that we transfer weight back and fourth to create speed and complete certain manoeuvres, but what a lot of us seem to forget is that a high level of manouverability is held in the very tail of the board. Next time you are up and riding, try shifting your back foot just a few centimetres back. You will be surprised at the difference.

Bend at the knees

There is nothing more cringe worthy than seeing someone surf standing right up straight, try to turn, fall flat on their face and then float to the surface wondering what happened. Keeping low and bent allows us to utilise our mass and create speed as well as sustaining a low centre of gravity to remain more stable. Often we aren’t as low as we think we are. A good way to see this for certain is to get filmed.

These are some fundamental tricks

To help a surfer gain more speed, balance and remain more vertical. When wanting to work on our technique it is important to consider a range of possible variables in which may be preventing us from surfing our best. If you are not sure quite where you are going wrong, or need some help with goal setting, have a go at getting some video analysis coaching and see first hand how exactly to improve your technique.


Article by Ruby www.thesurfbox.net


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