Execute a Seamless Bottom Turn

Once you get to the bottom of the wave, bend at the knees and waist

The trick here is to get low. Here we see that the surfers chest is actually lower than her butt. This creates a kind of spring movement, the lower you get the more power you will have to drive off.

Leading arm

Reach out and touch the surface of the wave. This allows you to have a point to kind of pivot off and reminds you to keep low and compressed.

As you are reaching out

Look to the point of the wave that you are heading for. If you want to do a vertical turn it is best to look towards the top of the lip. If you want to do a turn that burns off some speed, look to the flatter part of the wave for a cutback like turn.

Once you get to the bottom of the wave, bend at the knees and waist

The trick here is to get low. Different to the forehand bottom turn, we are wanting to rotate our chest towards the lip.

Bend your back knee

As this pivots the hips and forces them to become more open to the oncoming section.

Stick your leading arm into the water

As this reminds us to keep our back knee bent and to keep low, as demonstrated in the picture above.

Eye up the section you want to hit

Similarly to the forehand bottom turn, where we look is where we go. The more we bend our back knee, the more it pivots our hips meaning the more vertical we are able to look. By opening ourselves up to the most vertical part of the wave we can execute manoeuvres that provide us with continued speed and power. The perfect combination for surfing waves successfully.

With this knowledge fresh in your mind

Get out there and get practicing! Remember, do not focus on everything at once. Starting off by perfecting your bottom turn is an excellent place to start when re forming your technique.

Article written by Ruby www.thesurfbox.net

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