Get in your best zone for surfing

Have you ever had a surf where everything just seems to come together? Where things seem more effortless, more fluid, the dots just seem to connect. This is what I am going to refer to today as being in the “zone” – a place in which boundaries are pushed and progress is made. However quite often being in the “zone” doesn’t just happen for us. There are many mental, physical and emotional factors which can sway us from performing in this ideal space. If we want to continue to improve and perform at our best it would ideal to be in the “zone” more commonly than not. Sometimes, we have to take control ourselves and put in place the motivators and mood enhancers that we need to have these progressive sessions on a frequent basis. Below are a few tips that may help you get into your ideal zone before you hit the water to bring about the best in your surfing.

Have a goal for the session

A good way to get motivated and to stay focussed with your surfing is to have a goal for the session. This allows us to have some drive, and to continue to try and perfect things even when we fail. With a vision, we are much more likely to try a little harder, be a little more ambitious, and thrive off the energy of challenge.

Watch surf footage

Watching footage of your favourite surfer is a great way to get motivated to try things and push your boundaries. Using the professional as a role model allows us to see what they are doing and make connections between this technique and our own. Watching footage straight before a surf will assist us to perform with this knowledge fresh in our mind, making it more likely to surf with a refined technique.

Listen to a song that resonates with your ideal surfing mood

Everybody will have their different ideal “mood” for surfing. For some it will be racey and energetic, for others, slow smooth and relaxed. Songs have the amazing ability to transport us into different moods instantaneously. Listen to a song which resonates with the mood that you feel you perform best in. Here’s a tip, a lot of people do not perform at their best when they are feeling frustrated or angry! Choose your song wisely.


I could talk all day about this, but instead I just wrote an article about it, here. Visualisation is an important tool for any athlete wanting to transport themselves into a certain bodily and mental state. If we can visualise exactly what our ideal state for performance is, we can become aware of what it is that makes up this “state” and begin to replicate it more effortlessly.

Feel physically well

It will always be impossible to perform at your best if you are not feeling well. To be in your “zone” requires energy, clarity in thought and efficiency. Not only am I talking about eating the correct foods and hydrating yourself, I am talking about finding out what mind state works for you. Again, most people don’t perform well when they are stressed, angry or frustrated.

Find your own

We are all very different and what works for one person won’t another. Learning what gets you in the “zone” for surfing is about understanding how you work, and refining this. In fact, it might even change over time. Have a go at the above suggested tips to figure out what works for you, as these have worked for me, and many of those around me. Understanding yourself is key to tapping into these psychological aids for sporting performance.

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