Did you get your Vitamin D today?

May 21, 2016


How does a surfer become Vitamin D deficient?


How does that even happen?

If your burning up your nutrient supply getting into awesome waves and trying to keep yourself
warm during a chilly winter or if you have just over done it on the crap food and your system is out of whack or you’ve had to hit the antibiotics or had the challenge of surgery and yucky stuff like that.


Tick a couple of those boxes and you know about the toll on your body, including yeast (candida) YUK!! and mineral deficiencies.

Did you know that if you live on the south coast of Australia, during winter you would need at
least 1.5 hours of sunlight PER DAY to build your Vit D levels!!

Vit D needs consistent time to rebuild itself, during summer – no probs, 10 mins per day of skin
with no sunscreen or protection. Winter in the south … mmmm different story.


This is my second year of post winter Vit D deficiency, only just diagnosed, plus with a couple of the other boxes ticked, I’m was going nowhere and fast, no early morning surfs, I can’t get out of bed, no days packed full of life and work, its not happening!! There is no joy in this.

You need Vit D for energy, strong bones and muscles (paddle in power) and to keep your mind sane, depression is not a pretty thing, and it protects you from a couple cancers.


I love this mineral already!! And I need it along with some magnesium to help absorb all this goodness and get me sleeping better and my hard worked/over surfed muscles all nice and relaxed and re-charged for another day.

With a couple of trips to doctors and homeopaths I’m on the right track to rebuild. There was one more secret that still had to reveal itself….. really good quality Himalayan salt.
Aahhh… yes.. every surfer needs some salt!

Excellent for providing the body with 84 essential minerals, it can quickly remineralize a mineral
deficient body. It is absorbed into your cells and then attracts more goodness and water right into
where you need it. Common table salt is just a chemical wipeout, don’t go there. Good salt will add
more fluid into your joints, keeping them rolling over for another wave, it will allow your body to use all those good supplements.


So get some sunshine, get some good salt into you… just what every surfer what’s to hear. Now
you have a healthy reason to do it.


As for me, I’ll be aiming to miss a big part of south WA winter and find some sunny waves around
the world... international surf adventures here we come.


Food source of Vitamin D

Although sunlight is the best way to get your dose of vitamin D, it can be also found in small amounts of the following food.


Oily fish (eg, salmon, tuna, sardines, eel and warehou), Eggs, Orange juice, Some mushrooms, Milk and milk products.
















This article was originally published in CURL #41.

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