Entire collection of clips released of the Slater wave pool!

May 21, 2016

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 May, 2016


Check out all available videos on the Kelly Slater Wavepool.


t’s incredible. It’s amazing. We can’t stop looking at it. And not in some trainwreck-MTV-Real-World kind of way, but in an honest child-meets-Santa-Clause kind of way.


Maybe that’s because collectively we feel like kids at Christmastime. Surfers have just learned that the greatest, packaged, predictable and purchasable wave has landed here on earth. And we all want it. But so far we’ve only seen it in woefully brief commercials.


Until Kelly dishes details on how the wave will be used - for pros or the public? - we can only dream. Until then, find below the entire collection so far of clips released by the King.


The “Kelly’s Wave” clip debuted shortly after the tour ended and Adriano was crowned world champ. And the surfing world’s collective jaw dropped as we saw a brown-water wave peel perfectly miles from the ocean. Shortly afterward a Fresno TV station outed the ‘secret location’ of the pool and devotees made the pilgrimage to Lemoore California to peak through an industrial fence hoping to catch a glimpse.



Word went out that Kelly had sent out texts to friends to join him for a Super Session. Nat Young, Kanoa Igarashi, Carissa Moore and others signed on.

Nat Young’s backside attack showed just how perfect and long the barrel was at the freshwater wave, logging about 30 seconds of tube time and complaining later of leg cramps.


Carissa Moore took a few turns then warmed up wholeheartedly to the pace of the wave, air dropping into a nice mini-barrel after a couple of solid turns.

​Kanoa Igarashi got the wavepook during a windy session and applied a mixed back of turns, airs and tube time.


Stephanie Gilmore stole the show with her smooth, stylish positioning. What became apparent from previous tube attempts by other riders is that it’s easy to outrun the tube. But Steph’s unique nose-weighted-stall kept her deep for ages.


Welcome Johnny Public: Wingut showed that the wave pool will probably be open to the public. How? A good portion of the world longboards and while it’s not a discipline wholly supported by a lucrative competitive circuit, a whole hell of a lot of people out there like to longboard.

Josh Kerr went a bit nuts with the superlatives on his excursion, but can you blame him?

Even bodysurfers can use the new pool. Business translation: “Everyone come on in; The water’s fine.”


Drone view of Stephanie’s otherworldly grace in the lengthiest tube yet.

Wingnut returns in full soulful slow-mo trim to hammer home the point that you don’t need saltwater to go on a soul trip.


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