Mastering an ollie

An article from the attic. It first got published in CURL #24 back in 2009. 


Jesse Miley-Dyer, pro surfer on the WCT, has been asking skate coach Kman Moulay for years to teach her how to ollie...



“Kman, I really wanna learn how to Ollie. Can you teach me? Do you think I can Ollie? My response has always been “For sure Jesse! When do you want to do it”?
She’d always say “um when I come back from touring the world”. Of course this would never happen.

Finally our diaries aligned and we arranged to meet at Bondi Beach Skate Park on the hottest recorded day this year. I have to say there was a bit of pressure coming from the both of us.
I had to live up to my reputation as a skateboard instructor and Jesse being a pro surfer and extremely talented all round athlete had to Ollie?

The moment we met at the skate park we started laughing. Maybe it’s a sign of releasing nervous energy in the body. If you know Jesse she’s the opposite, energetic, funny and doesn’t take herself seriously yet she’s super focused when it comes to competing.

Before I showed Jesse how to Ollie, I got her to roll around on the flat area and get familiar with the skateboard. Jesse said she used to skate a little as a kid, surf style but never did any tricks. Once she was warmed up she was ready. I explained the mechanics of the Ollie and then gave her a demonstration.

The basic mechanics of the Ollie is, it’s really hard to do! You either get it in one go or in a thousand. It’s the most frustrating trick ever. I have kids crying in my lessons because they can’t do it and that’s a challenge in itself. I won’t even have you read all the detailed written instructions because it super boring. Simply all you’re doing is jumping off your board, lifting your leading leg up into your chest like you would when you skip. This allows the tail of the board (the back part of the skateboard) to hit the ground and pop up in the air.
It was difficult for Jesse at first, mostly I think because she’s not used to jumping like that on a skateboard. I held her hands in the beginning and helped her with the jumping and the landing.


I could see people watching us and thinking, how romantic. I believe Jesse is a serious contender for world champ in the coming future, this made me be extra careful with her.
Jesse must of done a least 30 to 50 attempts until she finally Ollied on her own. She was stoked. She did an extra 100 just so that I could get photographic proof that she did one.
I was as stoked for Jesse as she was. I get a lot out of helping people achieve their goals. Sometimes all you need is a little helping hand from someone who believes in you and that’s enough to get you to where you want to go.


Thanks Jesse for being a great sport, role model and friend.





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