Why You Need To Find A Surf Partner Who Rips



Surfing with friends is undoubtedly more enjoyable than surfing on your own. It is special to be able to share such moments with those close to you. In years to come, you can recall on “that time” when you scored perfect wave after wave. However not only does surfing with a friend provide you with pleasant memories, but surfing with a friend that surfs better than you will actually improve your surfing. Dramatically. Below a 4 reasons why you need to find a surf partner who rips.


Understand their patters and habits

By surfing with somebody who is above your level, you can watch and learn the tricks of the trade that have got them to where they are today. Watch to see how they handle themselves in the crowd …do they sit on the inside? Do they hustle out the back? What is the effect of their positioning in the crowd? Watch to see their approach to the session. From where they choose to paddle out, to how they sit on the peak. Their approach to the session may work well for you also.


Watch first hand, how they complete manoeuvres

Its one thing to watch footage of pro surfers (this is very valuable), but it is another thing to see a good surfer in real life. When we see a good surfer close up, we realise how fast they are actually going. Not only does distance distort speed, but it also prohibits us from noticing the small discrete movements that these good surfers display. Surfing consistently with somebody like this will give us a good chance to pick up on these little habits.


They will push you to surf in conditions above your comfort zone

If your partner is more experienced than you it is likely they are going to want to go out in conditions slightly above your level. Going out into tough conditions with someone you know is going to give you good stepping stones to becoming comfortable in these conditions on your own. Listen to what they have to say, follow how they paddle out and ease yourself into it.


It will inspire you

Often when you see a friend absolutely shredding it can be inspirational. They are not superhuman, they have just worked hard, and have spent a lot of time in the water. There is nothing more awesome than seeing a chick shred. If they can do it, why can’t you? Use this to drive you.




Article by Ruby at www.thesurfbox.net

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