Bondi SurfAid Cup & Venus Goes Gidget

The SurfAid Cup is surfing competition to raise funds for SurfAid.  Funds raised go towards SurfAid’s efforts to save and improve the lives of women and children living in very remote areas of Indonesia where the maternal and child mortality rates are extremely high.  Places where hardly anyone but surfers go. 

Photo: Nicola Atherton, Claudia Hirschberger, Poppy Wise, Julia Mair, Annina Helenelund



The tag-team-style event sees twelve teams of four compete for both the Fundraising cup and Surfing Cup.  The team that raises the most money gets first pick of a pro surfer to join their team as the fifth member.


‘Venus Goes Gidget’ was the only all-female team to compete in the inaugural SurfAid Cup in Bondi. We totally smashed it with the fundraising and were the first team to hit the $5,000 goal. We were totally overwhelmed by the support we received from our friends, family and workmates. And the ‘Venus Goes Gidget’ community has been absolutely amazing. One of our gidgets who’s been to a couple of Venus Goes Gidget Surf&Yoga Escapes, even put her own fundraiser on and donated more than $1,500!



The team captain, founder and MD, Claudia Hirschberger-Byrnes, had this to say about SurfAid and the event, “As a company that is all about empowering women through surfing, we really wanted to be part of the SurfAid Cup! What a great opportunity to give back to women in the communities around our favourite overseas surf spots. We are so excited to be the first all female team in Sydney’s SurfAid Cup history…hopefully paving the way for more ladies to take part next year. “


In the lead-up to the event, we got a little bit nervous as the surf was a bit rough but the conditions on the day were absolutely perfect. We were stoked to have Nicola Atherton as our pro surfer gidget in our team. In our heat, we got very close to kick out one of the competition favourites to proceed to the semis but in the end luck was not on our side. Even though we didn’t not quite win on the day, we had the best day. It was a great community event blessed by sunshine and great waves. And we were excited to be part of an effort that raised $87,000 for remote villages in Indonesia in our favourite surf spots.


We are looking forward to next years’ event! 



Surfaid is a non-profit humanitarian organisation whose aim is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.





Venus Goes Gidget believes every woman can have a surf experience that will enrich her life. It’s our mission to help women experience the joy of dancing on the waves organising surf escapes and surf coaching.


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