Why Even The Best Of Us Need To Revisit Our Popup

Now, first and foremost I am going to start this article off by clearing something up.


In surfing, every split of a second counts. Wether you are paddling into a wedgey shorey, or jumping up onto a fat two ft wave, without a quick and confident pop up, the potential of each wave is compromised instantly. Though many of us get up “fast enough,” popping up in the blink of an eye, consistently, will give us a huge advantage straight off the bat. Magically, the drops become mellower, the first turn much easier to anticipate and all of a sudden you just seem to have so much more time on your hands!

Having a pop up that is not only “acceptable” but more so “very swift” will aid you when it comes to speed, control and focus. A chain effect occurs here and it looks a little something like this…

Super quick pop up = instant speed = more time on your hands = easier to anticipate and complete quality first turn = more speed and control for the next turn = more speed and control for the next turn = controlled + fast + smooth + complete and powerful surfing.

To create a fast and consistent pop up in the ocean we need two things.

​1- To practice the timing of our pop up in the water.​

2- To build the strength and muscle memory to complete the pop up with quality technique.

The first suggestion, you will have to practice in the ocean yourself. The good thing about this is, you can do it anytime, on any wave. Paddle out in some average conditions and practice the timing of your pop up. Figure out how to make this the most efficient movement possible. Try again and again. You need to remember, the more times you fail, the closer you are to finding what works best.

The second suggestion, around building strength and muscle memory I can help you with.

We need to build up your core, your hip flexors, your upper body, your stabilisers and your reaction time. Sounds like a big task? Well…we can work on that. I have created a workout video just for this sole purpose.

This workout focusses on core, hip flexors and explosive movements, whilst using your stabilisers to keep you balanced. Check out the workout below and repeat it 3 times a week. Focus on doing the movements as swiftly and as controlled as possible and don’t forget, you need to practice in the ocean too!

Article by Ruby at www.thesurfbox.net

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