How to eat Healthy on the go- Health Hacks for traveling surfers

In any factory, it’s important to keep your machine well oiled and working properly. In this case, the machine is our bodies! Surfers are constantly traveling and on the go to find the perfect wave. Its crucial to respect your body and take care of it.

Here’s a few tips & tricks for surfers and ocean lovers on the go:

Meal planning The night before a contest, surf trip, or a day of traveling, pack multiple snack bags filled with a handful of strawberries, a scoop of unsalted almonds, or a bundle of baby carrots. Don’t forget to fill up your water bottle at this time too! (Add some lemon to help jumpstart your metabolism and spark a boost of energy for a day on the waves. Feel free to bring along some almond butter, nutella, or another spread to compliment your fruits!

Chia Seeds Not only are chia seeds amazing for your complexion and digestion, they actually work as an anti-aging remedy. They are a concentrated food containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium. You can find them at your local supermarket! Sprinkle these magic seeds all over your morning toast, smoothies, acai bowl, or salad for a healthy anti-aging, energy boost. I fill a few travel sized baggies with chia seeds and throw them in my purse to spruce up my meals on the go.

Hydration is key- carry a water bottle (not a plastic one!) Always, always, ALWAYS carry a reusable waterbottle. (Hydroflasks work great!) Make sure you’re filling it up every chance you get! It is incredibly important to keep hydrated- especially if you're spending your days out on the waves in the hot sun and salt water. Be sure to Pack lip balm with an SPF content of 15 or more and a good sunscreen (We recommend sunBum or surfer girl suncare!) The salt dries out skin are hair like a magnet! Help restore moisture by reapplying sunscreen, lip balm, and moisturizer as often as you can.

Homemade Smoothie Packets Not everybody enjoys eating spinach and lima beans for breakfast! Trick yourself into eating a iron-filled breakfast by blending your own recharging homemade green smoothie at home! Throw a handful of your favorite frozen fruits, a chopped up banana, some spinach leaves, and chia seeds in a quart sized baggie and toss it in the freezer- in the morning just throw the contents of the bag in the blender, add some fruit juice or soy milk and enjoy!

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