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StartFragmentLohis at Hudhuranfushi in the MaldivesEndFragment

Words and photos by Richard Kotch

Lohis is a truly magical place, a luscious tropical island with a perfect left peeling down one side, and a beautiful lagoon on the other! The island is small enough to feel intimate, yet big enough to accommodate a wide range of travelers - from hard core surfers to ageing Chinese selfie snappers!

As a Girls’ trip destination Hudhuranfushi is hard to beat! To start with it is super safe - there’s none of the sketchiness of the Bali scene, but the island is still a great place to get your party on after a fun day in the waves. There’s no need to ride a motorbike or drive a car anywhere - you just walk the short distance from your room to the wave!

The wave itself breaks over flat rock in deep water - it is not live coral, and the on island surf guides are great at looking out for anyone needing a bit of assistance!

Surfer numbers are managed at Lohis and the wave is exclusively for island guests, meaning that the lineup is a pleasant place for a girl to wait for a wave, in fact the Lohis guest book is full of glowing endorsements from surfer Girls from all corners of the globe saying how most of all they enjoyed the supportive atmosphere in the water and the good vibes amongst all the surfers on the Lohis deck.

But don’t take our word for it! See you at Lohis very soon!

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