Slater's Wave Machine Could Revolutionize Training

Don't you hate those days when you get to the beach and the swell just isn't there? I'm pretty sure Kelly Slater does or did. Those days of disappointment are down-shore now thanks to his constant wave machine. The innovation, which allows riders (a select few, at least) to hit the pipe any time of day, any day of the week, no matter the ocean conditions, is sure to resonate with the pro-surf crowd, who are always trying to find ways to get ahead.

While it probably doesn't have much appeal for people like Dane Reynolds who aren't as concerned with ranking’s and trophies for the surfers at the top of the WSL, the possibility of tailoring the waves to fit your training, instead of vice versa could be revolutionary.

Whether an intense and structured training program on the wave machine will actually lead to better performances in competition is to be seen. Recently, Slater invited some of the best female surfers to his surf ranch to try out his creation, including Coco Ho, Malia Manuel, Sage Erickson, and Lakey Peterson. It was just a brief test not a regimented training program - but we'll see if those ladies get any bumps in the standings this season!  |  28 Esplanade, Sumner , New Zealand 8081 |  Ph :  0064 275 622 600

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