Silky Post Surf Locks

Surfers are renowned for their luscious sun-kissed locks- however, in reality, the countless hours of sun, salt and water render many surfers’ hair dry and brittle. Ever since going blonde, I have been constantly looking for the next best thing or some form of antidotal remedy to aid my dying hair. In my search for a cure to my dried out tresses, I stumbled upon (and tested) the following remedies.

1: Rinse your hair after you surf

A quick rinse in fresh water will ensure that the salt doesn’t remain in your hair and dry out the ends further. Such a simple tip, but I’ve always been a fan of sea-soaked hair so this took a bit of adjusting. Long term this effectively reduces the damage caused by the salt and surf. In practice, personally, I found it was too much a chore to commit every to each time I surfed.

2: Coconut oil

Coconut oil is great for repairing damaged tips. Like most things, however, you can have too much of a good thing. Each night, I put a teaspoon sized amount of blue coconut oil on the mid-lengths and tips of my hair. After a few days of using blue coconut oil, I noticed a difference! Win!

3: Put conditioner in before you surf

This one sounded a little strange at first, but after the recommendations of a well-meaning hairdresser, I put it to the test. Right before hopping in I coated the tips of my hair in organic conditioner (ensuring there are no microbeads or nasty chemicals). Despite being sceptical at first, it did seem to help retain some moisture in the tips of my hair. I did this for a few surfs, but the novelty of silky post-surf hair soon wore off and the impracticality of having to remember to put conditioner in each time became annoying.

Blue Coconut oil is now my treatment of choice. It’s affordable and requires minimal effort- also I love the smell of coconut! Regular brushing and wearing a hat to prevent excess UV damage will also help fight against the dreaded straw hair. Having healthy hair doesn’t have to mean fewer hours in the water- it just takes a little extra time and being ready to make a few adjustments to your hair care ritual  |  28 Esplanade, Sumner , New Zealand 8081 |  Ph :  0064 275 622 600

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