Up & Coming Groms

How old are you and where are you from?

14 and I am originally from Hamilton, NZ but I am now living in Raglan.

What is your home break like?

I have many home breaks that are all amazing long left handers.

How did you start surfing and where has it taken you?

I started surfing with an after school surf group when I was 10, it has taken me to win and place in many competitions and have traveled to Indonesia.

What is your favorite surf spot and why is it your favorite?

My favorite spot to surf would be Indicators as I am a goofy footer I love to go left and Indicators is a perfect place as it has heaps of power behind it leaving a good result.

Who is your best surf buddy?

Why is it important to have a surf buddy?

My friends Oceanah, and the groms are my best surf buddies. I think it's important to have your own mates to surf with because they push your limits to surf harder and make more challenges.

Can you tell us about your favorite ever session? Why was it so good?

I was in North Sumatra surfing perfect right hand barrels all to myself as the sun rose in the warm waters. It was so good because it was immaculately clean, barreling, warm, shaped so fantastic, Not to mention I had it all to myself!

Who is the best surfer in the world? Why?

I think John John Florence is the best surfer in the world because of his outstanding critical snaps, tube riding skills and for being really friendly towards everyone.

What is important other than surfing?

I would have to say family, friends and a healthy life.

What other hobbies do you have?

Any other sports? Music? I enjoy skating and used to be involved in Netball and Martial arts.

What’s the most important thing to remember as a girl who surfs?

To not let anyone undermine girls ability to surf.

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