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Laura Enever

Laura Enever is a pro surfer from Sydney's North Narrabeen. She was born in 1991 in Sydney and has been riding waves from the age of four years. At age ten she began surfing more seriously and competitively.

Before turning pro in 2011 she was ASP Women's World Junior Champion 2009 and ASP Triple Crown Rookie of the year. Now she sits comfortably on the World Championship Tour with the best female surfers in the world.

She has made a name by showing a fearless approach to big waves, making her one of the most exciting and influential female surfers of this time.

While surfing is her passion she loves to dabble with the fashion side of being a professional athlete. She has appeared in a 2010 Surfer magazine featuring in a bikini and fishnet stockings and posed semi-nude for Stab magazine and signed a full time endorsement deal with Nike.

Transworld Surf magazine named Laura one of the “Ten Hottest Girls in pro Surfing”.

Laura works hard to keep in shape and stay healthy. She trains by surfing several times a day while cross training 4-5 times a week.

She loves to do Pilates, yoga and cardio interval training. Clinical Pilates has helped with past injuries and keeping her body more flexible. With a background in gymnastics help makes her a natural at surfing.

To relax Laura loves to spend time with friends and family and loves to try her hand at cooking.

“At the end of the day” says Laura, “I love to learn to push myself and to be the best person I can be and only hope other girls can see that”.

Meet Laura Enever, our cover girl!

Does your family surf?

Yes! My Dad has always surfed so my older brother Chris and I pretty much grew up on the beach! Dad would push us both into waves when we were little on our family camping trips. Mum does not surf but she loves the beach and surfing just as much as us all!

What’s your favorite surf break?

My favourite wave would have to be Cloudbreak! I’ve only been to Fiji 4 times but I love it more and more! I’ve had my fair share of beatings and hold downs but the wave is OH SO WORTH IT! Who are your favorite peeps to go surfing with?

You can’t beat surfing with your friends and fam! I love being home and surfing with everyone I grew up with, especially my Dad, he’s like an eternal grom! Also surfing with all the girls I travel with on tour, it’s non-stop laughs and good times. And I can’t forget my brother…. He is the best! He pushes me so much when the waves are big and also lets me drop in on him when its crowded haha Love him!

Do you miss your family when you are on tour?

Although travelling and seeing new places is one of my favourite parts of the job, I always miss my family and friends. I can be in the road up to 3-4 months at a time competing, which gets hard, but they are my biggest support so are always there for me and plus everyone on tour has pretty much become a big travel family!

Do you have any good luck charms?

I get pretty superstitious around competitions which is pretty funny, sometimes I’ll wear the same wetsuit or bikini, or make sure I eat the exact same food every day. Haha!

Who are the people behind Laura? Do you have a "team Laura”?

I’m so lucky to have such an incredible team behind me. Obviously my family and friends who (if they haven’t come along for the event) are always calling, texting, supporting and helping me with anything. Glenn “Micro” Hall is my coach this year and he is awesome, he’s really helped change the way I approach competing.

My manager Kurt Jacobs has been supporting me since I was 15 as well as my Public Relationship team.

All my sponsors, my Board shaper DHD and of course my boyfriend, who’s always there for little old me win or lose :) lucky girl!!

How do you handle the pressure before a comp? Do you meditate or do anything like that?

Pressure was something I didn’t really deal with until a few of years ago, but it mainly just came from myself! Once I stopped being too hard on myself everything became so much more enjoyable again! I just want to work hard and have fun. I do have lots of energy so I mediate and just stay as calm as possible before a heat.

Anything inspire you growing up? People? Other surfers?

There is so much to inspired by in this world. I'm truly inspired by anyone who lives their life fearlessly, doing what they love and living with enthusiasm. I also believe being an inspiration or successful isn’t about what you do or achieve, it’s just about living with purpose and making the most of life. I’m constantly inspired by people I met or places I go. There is so much magic out there!

What’s your favorite surfing movie?

Endless summer 2 is mine and my Dad's favourite forever!

Greatest achievement so far this year?

My greatest surfing achievement this year would have to be the 10-point ride I got at the Fiji. Cloudbreak is my favourite wave in the world and to get my first 10 on tour was very special.

Any shout outs? Go for it!

Shout out to Mum! Love you.  |  28 Esplanade, Sumner , New Zealand 8081 |  Ph :  0064 275 622 600

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