Equal Prize Purse in Grassroots Surf Comp on the Tutukaka Coast of NZ

With the war waging in popular media over equal pay for female surfers and the back and forth comments on face tube from the likes of WSL, Stab Mag and who ever the fu*# wants to post their one sided male opinion about the subject...

CURL mag thought we would share a great Grassroots comp that offers equal money to the girls.

While the men are harping on about how much harder it is for the guys on tour because there are more of them to battle it out, and claim not as many people watch the girls surfing on the Face book LIVE feed, the woman of surfing are giving birth (which seriously guys is harder than surfing a heat in a comp) to the next generation of little sister shredders who quite frankly will be surfing just as good as their male counterparts given the equal opportunities they deserve.

One such club who is fostering this new modern belief is the Northland Boardriders Club.

They are making sure that their club comp gives the girls an equal share of the prize purse...

I spoke to organiser Tia Lord (no relation to the LORD ).

"Basically the Polar Bear is one of the longest running comps in NZ after the Nationals, this year is year 37. It started out as an excuse to get together for some fun in the winter, it's had its ups and downs, but is now running pretty popularly".

Some of you may be thinking an equal prize purse for some poxy club comp in New Zealand is no big deal right?

It is a actually a big deal because the members of the Northcoast Boardriders are leading the way, making a change that includes equality amongst the surfers. Because we are all surfers right?

"The aim for us as a club is to use the Polar Bear as our annual fundraising event, have some winter fun, and this year particularly, to shine a light on the disparities between prize money for men and women in surfing"

"If a small club comp can provide equal prize money for the open divisions then how can it be that hard to do everywhere"

"Mammoth Insulation is once again showing their support as the major sponsor, putting up $1000 for the Open men’s division. This year we have equality on the mind, and Dive! Tutukaka are proud to hook the winner of the open women’s division up with $1000 for the first time in history matching the men".

"NCB is committed to encouraging women in surfing by supporting the push for equal pay across the board. It is a kaupapa that we are proud of and one that Dive! Tutukaka is excited to extend by providing their support".

"We also have raffle running this year to support our youth development squad, tickets are $5 and the prizes include a surfboard kindly donated by Louweazal Surfboards, a SmoothStar skateboard, Horse treks, Dive vouchers, Tattoo’s, Boutique accommodation packages, and more".

This is the start of a really positive change in woman’s surfing.

Hopefully we will start seeing clubs offering equal prize money across divisions all over New Zealand and Australia…

If you are a surfer and can get up to the Tutukaka this weekend go check out the comp, even enter, it sounds like it’s going to be a sick event!

For more details and entry go to www.ncb.co.nz@north_coast_boardriders

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