#1 threat to shark species today is shark fin soup

March 27, 2019

For those of you who don’t know her I would like to introduce Ocean Ramsey…


Marine Biologist, stuntwoman, model, business owner, conservationist and advocate for shark well being across the globe.


Ocean Ramsey sure knows a lot about sharks and how they interact with humans. She has a master’s degree in it!


She saw her first shark at age 8 swimming beneath her in crystal clear waters and rather than feeling fear she felt the thrill of seeing something new which has lead her on her life’s pathway to getting friendly with sharks.


She meets them everyday in her job studying and researching shark behaviour free diving off the coast of her home in Hawaii.


Ocean’s program, which is the first of its kind, offer the public the opportunity to swim freely with a team of marine biologist, amongst shark species like Hammerhead, Tiger shark, Galapagos, Sandbar sharks, Silky sharks and Whale sharks.


The group look at shark body language, collecting data to inform the public and educate people that sharks, an apex predator, which means top of a food chain, are a hugely important part of the oceans eco system health…


A shark’s day-to-day work is being the oceans immune system, keeping populations in balance and check, right down to the coral and kelp beds.


Without a healthy ocean the air we breathe is at risk which 70-80% comes from our ocean.

But sharks are scary right? They have big teeth that are sharp and they bite…


Well considering millions of people enter the ocean each day for a swim or surf there are only 5-7 reported incidents each year.


You may even be very lucky to see a shark these days as their quiet existence is threatened every second of every day.


Being a 400 million year old key stone species* just doesn’t offer any protection for our shark friends today with 90% of the shark population depleted over the past few decades.


Evolving before dinosaurs cannot protect these creatures from being made into a bowl of soup.


The number one threat to shark species today is shark fin soup.


Scientific research shows more than 2-3 sharks are killed every second just for their fins, to make a soup that is a status symbol for wealthy Chinese, 90% of the animal being thrown back to sea, sometimes alive…


Ocean’s hope is to educate people and redefine the modern shark image from the one you may have seen in the Jaws movie to the actual truth about sharks, that they are smart, intelligent, resilient, quietly vulnerable creatures of our ocean and we should look after them because once they are gone the oceans scales which need sharks for balance will tip the other way…


Ocean’s social media is thoughtfully curated with beautifully shot images of her free diving taken by fellow shark conservationist Juan Oliphants.


Ocean hopes theses images will inspire and educate people so we can realise these highly misunderstood creatures will some day be extinct if we don’t help protect them.


What can we do to help?

Pre order a “ shark” car air freshener below for every one sold one dollar will be donated to Ocean’s conservation research.



Write a letter or email to your local Chinese restaurant demanding that they take “ shark fin soup” off their menu.


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*A keystone species is a species that has a disproportionately large effect on its natural environment relative to its abundance. ... Without keystone species, the ecosystem would be dramatically different or cease to exist altogether.



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