Get Ready to Mingle

The stage is set at the Christchurch seaside town of Sumner.

Scarborough beach will host the "Single Fin Mingle" traditional longboarding event showcasing local and international talent...

The event organizers describe it as " an ever growing organism" This year we are psyched to announce the addition of The @rhythm Classic Groove expression session. Throughout the weekend Mingle and Rhythm scouts will select 10 (5 men and 5 women) surfers they deem to have surfed the most stylishly in their heats but did not progress beyond the semi finals.

These surfers will take to the water for a 40 minute rule free expression session and with no scores kept, the crowd will determine who is The @rhythm Groove King and Groove Queen and they shall be spoilt with jewels.

#singlefinmingle2019 @ Sumner  |  28 Esplanade, Sumner , New Zealand 8081 |  Ph :  0064 275 622 600

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