Australian surfing legend Jodie Cooper speaks up in court

Born in 1964 Jodie Cooper is a former champion surfer with a list of titles a mile long.

These include winning 13 international surf events.

Before her retirement from the professional circuit, Jodie was ranked among the top 5 female surfers in the world.

There is even an award named after Jodie.The Western Australian Female surfer of the year.

Jodie is a life member of the association of professional surfers and in 2001 was inducted into the Western Australian Hall of fame.

Last year a guy riding a surf mat allegedly attacked Jodie Cooper at Lennox Point.

If you have surfed Lennox point on a better than average day you will know it can get busy.

In a busy line up a couple of things happen.

Alpha males looking for the best and biggest set waves take down anyone that happen's to be waiting patiently in line and drop-in’s are rife.

The thing is Jodie Cooper can hold her own in any line up.

I would even say she is renown for more than holding her own and is respected for the fact that she a woman in her 50’s still charging hard on a short board…

Surfing World magazine reported in 2017 “ Not one to back down, Jodie has always been prepared to stand up for herself and women’s surfing, and as her 30-plus year love affair with surfing continues you can bet she’ll paddle out somewhere tomorrow with a smile on her face“.

So who does this dickhead riding on a surf mat think he is ?

Dropping in on Ms Cooper then proceeding to hold her head under the water when she stuck up for herself, until she had to “ feign” drowning in order for him to let her go?

Guy on mat drops in, attacks female surfer … It just does not make sense that any normal, rational person would do this type of thing especially to a woman and it the ocean environment when its supposed to be chill... The event is caught on camera and he still denies it happened.

The dick head happens to be 54 year old Mark Thomson, plastic mat rider and obviously a guy all the grom's should look up to? Yeah right!

In Jodie’s testimony she states,* "It was like he was standing on top of me and as he was doing that he was pulling my hair."

She said she was terrified by the 54-year-old, the court heard, and decided to pretend she had drowned to stop the alleged attack.

"Why don’t I just pretend that I drowned? ... When I went limp thinking I was dead or drowned or something, that’s when he released," she told the court.

Mr Thomson allegedly said he thought she was a man when she confronted him about the attack, and asked, "Don't you know who I am?"

Mr Thomson has pleaded not guilty to one count of assault and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The matter has been adjourned until July 18.

It doesn’t matter who you think you are Mr. Thomson no one should treat another human being in such a vulgar way, especially in the water, shame on you Mark Thomson for riding a blow up mattress and picking on girls.

*Thanks to The Sydney Morning Herald

Photo credit: The Northern Star  |  28 Esplanade, Sumner , New Zealand 8081 |  Ph :  0064 275 622 600

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